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Portrait_of_Sophia_Dragomirova-Lukomskaya (1)

Arts Everyday Living: The Feminine Stages of Life–Shy Young Girl, Confident Mature Woman

  Few artists can rival the depth and humanity of Russian portraitist Valentin Serov (1865-1911) who is considered one of his country’s great artistic masters.  His subjects were often prominent: from the Romanov family including Czar Nicholas II to members of the aristocracy to leading figures in the arts.  However perhaps his most moving portrayals […]

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Arts Everyday Living: Through the Eyes of a Child—The Artist’s Daughter & Three Sisters in Red

  Russian artist Boris Kustodiev (1878-1927) considered daughter Irina his star model, painting her from infancy.  Here she poses on the porch of a Swiss clinic where her father was recovering from a serious illness. Kustodiev skillfully balances the petite figure of Irina, with the massive mountain range extending behind her. Belgian Leon Frederic (1856-1940) […]

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Anders_Askevold_-_View_from_Bergen_-_NG.M.04374_-_National_Museum_of_Art,_Architecture_and_Design (1)

Arts Everyday Living: Through An Artist’s Eyes–Clouds, Heavenly Clouds, Visions for Each of Us

What could be more universal than the clouds. No matter where you live, the vision of the sky is always just above, enhancing  the quality of your everyday life. The following artists featured are nineteenth century Norwegians Knud Baade (1808-1879) and Anders Askevold (1834-1900) as well as Russian Nicholas Roerich (1874-1947), who spent years in […]

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Arts Everyday Living: Escaping Social Distancing—Snow, Glorious, Snow!

    SNOW, GLORIOUS, SNOW   Welcome again to Art Circle! Winter is coming—actually it is almost here in the northern climates and arriving on Monday!  Snow has often been a favorite subject of artists throughout art history, including:  Japanese masters Utagawa Hiroshige (1797-1858) and Hasui Kawase (1883-1957); French Impressionist Claude Monet (1840-1926); Americans Childe Hassam […]

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Self portrait

Arts Everyday Living: Through a Russian Woman Artist’s Eyes–In the Time of Dr. Zhivago

Reposted blog.   Zinaida Serebriakova, one of Russia’s first notable women painters, was caught in the middle of the upheaval of World War I and Russian Revolution..  Like Boris Pasternak’s character Dr. Zhivago, she lost not only family members and friends, but her way of life.* However, her self portrait At the Dressing Table was […]

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