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Arts Everyday Living: Have You Heard of This Artist? French Portraitist Jacques-Emile Blanche

    Have you heard of French artist Jacques-Emile Blanche (1861-1942)?  He was a renowned portraitist, receiving commissions to immortalize  a host of famous figures including writers James Joyce and Marcel Proust as well as painters Edgar Degas and John Singer Sargent. Many of his subjects were women, whether successful French pianist Marie-Leontine Bordes-Pene above […]

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Arts Everyday Living: Have You Heard Of This Artist? American Painter Alice Kent Stoddard

  American artist Alice Kent Stoddard (1883-1976) spent most of her career in Philadelphia, establishing a solid reputation as a painter of portraits, landscapes, and sea scenes.  Her distinctive and expressive brushstrokes are evident in Stoddard’s depictions of fellow artist Elizabeth Sparhawk Jones (1885-1968) and Fisherman’s Little Sister, as well as  Monhegan Island, Harbor Looking Toward  Manana, a view […]

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Arts Everyday Living: Timeless Beauties–Royal Princess & Socialite Sister of Oscar Winner

        Often portraits are timeless—the sitters may be separated by centuries, yet they are connected by their humanity—and in these two cases, an enduring beauty.  Both works of art are created by British artists, renowned for their skill as portraitists. Thomas Gainsborough (1727-1788), for instance, is considered one of the major painters […]

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Arts Everyday Living: John Singer Sargent’s Portrait of Fellow Artist’s Son–Connection to Titanic

American master portraitist John Singer Sargent (1856-1925) was often the choice of the aristocracy and monied classes of both the United States and Europe.  However, he seemed to have a special affinity for children, especially of colleagues like fellow American artist Francis Davis Millet (1848-1912) whose son Lawrence engages us so directly.  More than 20 […]

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