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Arts Everyday Living: Through the Eyes of Monet–Michel, Jean-Pierre, Blanche & Suzanne

  Impressionist icon Claude Monet (1840-1926) sometimes included his large family of eight children in the landscapes done around his home in Giverny.  For instance above we can see Michel Monet  and his stepbrother Jean-Pierre Hoschede, who were about the same age.  While below is his depiction of two of his stepdaughters Blanche, an artist […]

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Arts Everyday Living: In Love with the Art of Renoir—Family Album of a Favorite Friend

Here’s a chance to meet the children of Paul Berard. Reposting of earlier blog.     A family album unfolds before us. The Berard children, like snapshots, move miraculously across the painted page.  So lifelike, they seem to actually breathe, from the angelic baby sleeping soundly to the elder brother just below who studiously reads […]

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