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Anders_Askevold_-_View_from_Bergen_-_NG.M.04374_-_National_Museum_of_Art,_Architecture_and_Design (1)

Arts Everyday Living: Through An Artist’s Eyes–Clouds, Heavenly Clouds, Visions for Each of Us

What could be more universal than the clouds. No matter where you live, the vision of the sky is always just above, enhancing  the quality of your everyday life. The following artists featured are nineteenth century Norwegians Knud Baade (1808-1879) and Anders Askevold (1834-1900) as well as Russian Nicholas Roerich (1874-1947), who spent years in […]

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The_Sandy_Beach_at_Olonne_Albert_Marquet_(1938) (1)

Arts Everyday Living: Summer is Coming—The Sunlit Beaches of France, Vacationer’s Escape

        French artist Albert Marquet (1875-1945), along with his colleague Henri Matisse (1869-1954), liberated color in the early twentieth century, often using it in an expressive way.  By the 1930s, when Marquet created the paintings featured here, he captured the intense sunlit tones of the beaches of western France, peopled with tourists […]

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Arts Everyday Living: The Art of Sleeping—Take a Nap with Van Gogh & Other Artists

  Longing for a nap? The three artists featured here each take a creative approach.  For instance Danish painter Wenzel Tornoe (1844-1907) depicts an unguarded (if cramped) moment in the working life of a seamstress on Whitsunday (Pentacost) morning, while the woman portrayed by French master Felix Vallotton (1865-1925) has the luxury of stretching out […]

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Elof_Carl_Larsson (1)

Arts Everyday Living: Inside the Mind of a Child–Sisters, a Brother, and Son of a House Painter

  How can we resist the portrait of a child, no matter what the time or period of history. Yet each artist creates his own interpretation: from the moving portrayal of  peasant siblings by French academic painter William Bouguereau (1825-1905) to the rather intriguing relationship of the trio of sisters by British master John Everett […]

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