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The_Miner_A19455 (1)

Arts Everyday Living: Have You Heard of George Luks? Faces of Humanity–Young Girl to a Miner

American master George Luks (1867-1933) was a member of The Ash Can School, a group of artists based mainly in New York City, who generally focused on urban themes, often of working class subjects. However, The Miner symbolizes Luks’ Pennsylvania roots in the coal mining region of the Northeastern part of the state. In contrast, Portrait of a […]

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Portrait_of_Eugenia_Huici_Arguedas_de_Errazuriz_-_Jacques-Emile_Blanche_-_Google_Cultural_Institute (1)

Arts Everyday Living: Artist of the Rich, Famous & the Talented–Artist’s Model, Patron of Picasso

  French artist Jacques-Emile Blanche (1861-1942) was a popular portraitist of the rich, famous, and above all, the talented, from John Singer Sargent to Edgar Degas to James Joyce. The subject above was just 18 when the portrait was completed. Although Olga was officially born to an Italian nobleman, her real father might have been […]

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