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Arts Everyday Living: A Trio of Women Portraits–From a Theater Goer to Renoir’s Mistress

Throughout the history of art, women have fascinated artists, whether American Impressionist Joseph De Camp (1858-1923), whose The Listener above provides us with a unique view of a theatergoer,   or Austrian painter Marianne Stokes (1855-1927) and her exotic portrayal of a Slovak Girl in Sunday Attire wearing a colorful, intricate costume,   as well as French Impressionist […]

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Arts Everyday Living: Lost Worlds & Ancient Portraits Through the Ages—The Beautiful Mummy

Reposted blog.    LOST WORLDS & ANCIENT PORTRAITS  THE BEAUTIFUL MUMMY __________ Is she truly from the 3rd century?  A citizen of Roman Egypt, some 1800 years old, her timeless beauty lost for centuries in an ancient tomb. Now in the Louvre’s collection, her mummy portrait* is accessible via digital technology in an online museum […]

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Arts Everyday Living: Toulouse-Lautrec: Women of the Belle Epoque Up Close

Reposted blog. TOULOUSE-LAUTREC WOMEN OF THE BELLE EPOQUE CLOSE-UP   Only the figure exists.  Landscape merely is, and must not be anything more than an addition….* Henri Toulouse-Lautrec Women dominate the French master Touloouse-Lautrec’s artistic vision, from his countess mother to Jane Avril and La Goulue of the Moulin Rouge to the occupants of a […]

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