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Arts Everyday Living: Christmas at the Art Museum—The Soothing Song of Angels

Reposting a blog from 2015.   CHRISTMAS AT THE ART MUSEUM SONG OF THE ANGELS A CHILD ASLEEP (EXCERPT) ……Now he hears the angel’s voices Folding silence in the room— Now he muses deep the meaning of the Heaven-words as they come….. Elizabeth Barrett Browning French artist William-Adolphe Bouguereau (1825-1905) was the toast of Paris […]

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Arts Everyday Living: Christmas at the Art Museum Starts Today at the Cloisters

PLEASE click and double click on the painitng to ENLARGE or ENHANCE it.     CHRISTMAS AT THE ART MUSUEM THE ANNUNCIATION Take a virtual journey through the holidays during the next fortnight with a variety of paintings and other media: from religious altarpieces to Dickens’ Christmas Carol to Impressionist snowscapes.  And don’t forget to check the links connecting […]

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