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(c) University of Leeds Art Collection and Gallery; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation

Arts Everyday Living: Have You Heard of these Women Artists?–Uncovering Female Creativity

Art history is full of women artists who may not be as well known as they deserve.  Among them are British artist Helena Arsene Darmesteter (1854-1923) who recreates the popular theme of mirror reflections above, while Welsh painter and writer Nina Hamnett (1890-1956) is immortalized with the symbols of her creativity below by UK colleague […]

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Arts Everyday Living: The Music Lesson-A Young Girl, A Turkish Instrument & Oriental Costumes

British artist Lord Frederick Leighton (1830-1896) enjoyed considerable fame during his career, although his realistic, academic style was no longer appreciated in the decades after his death. However, his works of art are experiencing a revival today such as the moving Music Lesson above. The student on our right is identified as Connie Gilchrist, who later […]

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Rex_Whistler_-_Self-Portrait_in_Welsh_Guards_Uniform_1940 (1)

Arts Everyday Living: In Honor of Memorial Day–Self Portrait of a Fallen World War II Artist

British artist Rex Whistler (1905-1944) was a versatile figure in the art world as a painter, designer, and illustrator.  Throughout his career, he produced several self-portraits including his depiction of himself as a member of the Welsh Guard during World War II.  Whistler was trained as a tank commander, tragically killed in action in Normandy […]

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