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Arts Everyday Living: Self Portraits of Women Artists–From a Princess to an Astronomer’s Wife

    Here’s a trio of women artists who may not be that well known but have left posterity with three memorable self-portraits, starting with German painter Louise Hollandine, (1622-1709) who was also a princess as well as an abbess. Ludovike Simanowiz (1759-1827) was also a German painter, specializing in portraits. She had an eventful […]

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Self portrait

Arts Everyday Living: Through a Russian Woman Artist’s Eyes–In the Time of Dr. Zhivago

Reposted blog.   Zinaida Serebriakova, one of Russia’s first notable women painters, was caught in the middle of the upheaval of World War I and Russian Revolution..  Like Boris Pasternak’s character Dr. Zhivago, she lost not only family members and friends, but her way of life.* However, her self portrait At the Dressing Table was […]

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Elisabeth-Louise-Vigee-Lebrun, Self Portrait with a Straw Hat

Arts Everyday Living: Inside the Self Portrait—A Royal Friendship

Reposted blog.   An affectation which artists, art-lovers and persons of taste have been united in condemning, and which finds no precedent among the Ancients, is that in SMILING Madame Vigee-Le Brun shows her teeth.* Memoires Secrets, 1787, court scandal sheet   Although French artist Elisabeth Louise Vigee-Le Brun’s glamorous self portrait of 1782 shown […]

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Arts Everyday Living: Rediscovering Women Artists—A Fantasy of Feminism

Reposed blog.         REDISCOVERING WOMEN ARTISTS A FANTASY OF FEMINISM       Others such as Kate Bunce belonged to the so-called second and third generation of Pre-Raphaelites, which drew inspiration from the fantasies of feminism created by Dante Gabriel Rossetti or the visual lyricism of Edward Burne-Jones.* Review of Pre-Raphaelite Women Artists […]

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Arts Everyday Living: Through the Eyes of a Colleague of Cassatt--Children in Church

Arts Everyday Living: Through the Eyes of a Colleague of Cassatt–Children in Church

Reposting of a blog on the world of children.         THROUGH THE EYES OF A COLLEAGUE OF CASSATT CHILDREN IN CHURCH   ___________________ When people talk, listen completely.  Most people never listen.* Ernest Hemingway Ohio born Elizabeth Nourse (1859-1938) was a contemporary of Mary Cassatt and like her fellow American colleague, spent […]

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