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Theodore_Earl_Butler_-_Place_de_Rome_at_Night_(1905) (1)

Arts Everyday Living: The Art of Paris at Night–From Cafe Corners to the Seine in Moonlight

      I love the night passionately. Guy de Maupassant (1850-1893)     He who contemplates the depths of Paris is seized with vertigo.  Nothing is more fantastic.  Nothing is more tragic.  Nothing is more sublime. Victor Hugo (1802-1885)     Night came on, the lamps were lighted, the tables near him found occupants, and Paris […]

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Abbott_H._Thayer_-_The_Sisters_-_Google_Art_Project (1)

Arts Everyday Living: The Bonds of Family Through Artists’ Eyes–Portraits of Sisters

      Both American master Abbott Handerson Thayer (1849-1921) and Finnish artist Albert Edelfelt (1854-1905) painted the subject of siblings in the same year of 1884.  The Sisters above by Thayer have been identified as Bessie (in front) and Clara Stillman (behind)  in one of his most acclaimed portraits, while below Edelfelt enables the […]

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Winslow Homer (American, 1836–1910), West Point, Prout’s Neck, 1900. Oil on canvas, 30 1/16 x 48 1/8 in. (76.4 x 122.2 cm). Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute, Williamstown, Massachusetts, 1955.7

Arts Everyday Living: American Sunsets in Art—From California Mountains to the Maine Coast

  Two American artists William Keith (1838-1911) and Winslow Homer (1836-1910) were contemporaries, who interpreted the vast landscapes of the United States, but on opposite sides of the continent.  Keith, originally from Scotland, eventually settled in California where he painted the fiery sky of Mount Diablo at sunset, while Homer concentrated on the Maine coast […]

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John_Frederick_Peto_-_Old_Time_Letter_Rack (1)

Arts Everyday Living: The Art of Optical Illusion-Take Your Pick of Books, Letters, & Newspapers

  American artist John Frederick Peto (1854-1907) was a specialist in trompe-l’oeil  (“deceived eye”), basically causing the viewer to mistake painted objects for reality.  He often focused on books, letters, and newspapers recreating them with a variety of colors and textures arranged in creative, at times, unpredictable designs.    

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-Mrs._John_Montresor_by_John_Singleton_Copley (2)

Arts Everyday Living: In Honor of the 4th of July–John Singleton Copley, First American Artist

  American master John Singleton Copley (1738-1815) is considered the first major artist of the United State, yet he left his native country forever before he was 40.  Mainly self-taught, Copley earned a reputation as the leading portraitist of colonial Boston, starting with Boy with a Flying Squirrel, a portrayal of his step brother Henry Pelham and […]

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Alice_Kent_Stoddard,_Monhegan_Island_Harbor_Looking_Toward_Manana,_1910 (1)

Arts Everyday Living: Have You Heard Of This Artist? American Painter Alice Kent Stoddard

  American artist Alice Kent Stoddard (1883-1976) spent most of her career in Philadelphia, establishing a solid reputation as a painter of portraits, landscapes, and sea scenes.  Her distinctive and expressive brushstrokes are evident in Stoddard’s depictions of fellow artist Elizabeth Sparhawk Jones (1885-1968) and Fisherman’s Little Sister, as well as  Monhegan Island, Harbor Looking Toward  Manana, a view […]

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