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Arts Everyday Living: The Many Moods of Edvard Munch–Autumn Reflections, Rainy Days

  Norwegian master Edvard Munch (1863-1944) is internationally famous for artistic icons like The Scream and The Madonna.  However, he created some 2,000 paintings, plus numerous graphic works as well as drawings.  On the Veranda, for instance, reflects his love for the northern woods of Scandinavia  while Karl Johan in the Rain is one of Munch’s several interpretations of […]

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Arts Everyday Living: Through the Eyes of an Impressionist-Have You Heard of John Otis Adams?

  Have you heard of American Impressionist John Otis Adams (1851-1927)? Born in Indiana, Adams studied abroad, both in London and Munich.  However, Adams spent most of his career in his home state, creating a definitive body of work based on the changing landscape of the seasons.  He belonged to the Hoosier Group, its members […]

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Arts Everyday Living: A Strange & Puzzling Degas—Why is the Curtain Coming Down?

French Impressionist Edgar Degas (1834-1917) is the supreme artist of the ballet, creating countless works of dancers performing on the stage, symbols of beauty and graces. However, the work of art above offers us a rather unusual view of the curtain, actually descending on the ballerinas. What you think of this interpretation of the world of […]

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