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Zelfportret_Rijksmuseum_SK-A-3262 (1)

Arts Everyday Living: Through the Eyes of Van Gogh–In the Paris Suburbs, An Unusual View

  Dutch master Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890) was inspired by the world around him, even scenes like the factory portrayed above, located in the northern suburbs of Paris.  Yet, his use of rich colors and expressive brushstrokes offers us a unique perspectives of the changing industrial environment of the late 19th century. Van Gogh lived […]

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-Viggo_Johansen,_Interiør_med_kunstnerens_hustru_Martha_siddende_med_overtøj_og_hat,_1893 (1)

Arts Everyday Living: An Artist’s Tribute to His Wife—A Double Portrait & In A Domestic Interior

  Danish master Viggo Johansen (1851-1935) was an admired figure of his country’s art establishment in the late 19th century; he also was a member of the Skagen Painters, a colony of artists who portrayed  the dramatic coast of Denmark.  Johansen demonstrates his skill in portraiture in the unique self portrait with his wife Martha, […]

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Thérèse_Schwartze_005 (1)

Arts Everyday Living: Through the Eyes of a Dutch Woman Artist-From Her Niece to Self-Portrait

  Dutch artist Therese Schwartze (1851-1918) was a successful portraitist working mainly in late 19th century Amsterdam, her subjects ranging from her niece Lizzy Ansingh (1875-1959), who was also a painter, to commissions of prominent, wealthy patrons and their families as seen below. Do you notice the individual personalities of each sitter?     For […]

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Rex_Whistler_-_Self-Portrait_1934 (1)

Arts Everyday Living: The Art of Self-Portraits—A Lover of Sunflowers & A World War II Soldier

    I am always fascinated by self portraits, a centuries old tradition in art, dating back to the Middle Ages.  Here are two examples by twentieth century artists: Romanian Nina Arbore (1889-1947), who is esteemed particularly for still-lifes, including the vibrant interpretation of sunflowers seen above; and Brit Rex Whistler (1905-1944), renowned for his […]

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Arts Everyday Living: Through the Eyes of Women Artists–the Many Moods of Self-Portraits

  I am always amazed by the number of women artists who were creating in the latter part of the 19th and early 20th centuries.  Polish painter Alina Bondy Glassova (1865-1935) and her Finnish contemporary Dora Wahlroos (1870-1947) besides producing  a body of artistic work, also have left posterity revealing and insightful images of themselves. […]

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Edward Hicks

Arts Everyday Living: The Art of Self-Portraits–Two American Artists, A Muralist & A Minister

  Numerous artists have depicted themselves throughout their careers, often providing posterity with insightful portrayals.  American painter Will Hicok Low (1853-1932) gained a reputation as a muralist and these large scale works can still be found in  the United States.  While Quaker minister Edward Hicks (1780-1849) is one of America’s most famous folk artists, who […]

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Arts Everyday Living: Self Portraits of Women Artists–From a Princess to an Astronomer’s Wife

    Here’s a trio of women artists who may not be that well known but have left posterity with three memorable self-portraits, starting with German painter Louise Hollandine, (1622-1709) who was also a princess as well as an abbess. Ludovike Simanowiz (1759-1827) was also a German painter, specializing in portraits. She had an eventful […]

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Self portrait

Arts Everyday Living: Through a Russian Woman Artist’s Eyes–In the Time of Dr. Zhivago

Reposted blog.   Zinaida Serebriakova, one of Russia’s first notable women painters, was caught in the middle of the upheaval of World War I and Russian Revolution..  Like Boris Pasternak’s character Dr. Zhivago, she lost not only family members and friends, but her way of life.* However, her self portrait At the Dressing Table was […]

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