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Edvard_Munch_-_Karl_Johan_in_the_Rain (1)

Arts Everyday Living: The Many Moods of Edvard Munch–Autumn Reflections, Rainy Days

  Norwegian master Edvard Munch (1863-1944) is internationally famous for artistic icons like The Scream and The Madonna.  However, he created some 2,000 paintings, plus numerous graphic works as well as drawings.  On the Veranda, for instance, reflects his love for the northern woods of Scandinavia  while Karl Johan in the Rain is one of Munch’s several interpretations of […]

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Arts Everyday Living: Journey to the Canadian Wilderness–Brilliant Colors of the Sky & Water

      Canadian artist Tom Thomson (1877-1917) may have lived a short life, dying prematurely in an accident before he was 40, but he left a legacy of brilliant panels and canvases of the dramatic landscape of central Ontario.  His style was distinguished by expressive brushstrokes and penetrating colors, particularly in the two works […]

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Solemn Land

Arts Everyday Living: J.E.H. MacDonald—Legacy of the Environment and Van Gogh

Reposted blog. ….no Canadian landscape painter possessed a richer command of color and pigment than J.E.H. MacDonald….his brushwork is at once disciplined and vigorous.  His best on-the-spot sketches possess an intensity and freshness of execution not dissimilar to Van Gogh.*    Shortly after World War I, a circle of Canadian artists from the Toronto area […]

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