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Daniel Chester French, Abraham Lincoln, 1922, marble, Lincoln Memorial, Washington, D.C.

Arts Everyday Living: Inside the Lincoln Memorial—Honoring Gettysburg Address

PLEASE CLICK on the photographs to enlarge and enhance them.      ABRAHAM LINCOLN  THE LINCOLN MEMORIAL IN COMMEMORATION OF THE GETTYSBURG ADDRESS Here’s a mini-exhibition of Daniel Chester French’s beloved sculpture of the sixteenth president, offering several unique views, along with quotes by the sculptor, poet Walt Whitman, a historian, and an African-American Civil War soldier, […]

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Arts Everyday Living: Prelude to Lincoln Memorial & Gettysburg–Lincoln Portraits

Please click on the photographs to enlarge or enhance them.      PRELUDE TO THE LINCOLN MEMORIAL IN COMMEMORATION OF THE GETTYSBURG ADDRESS To honor the 151st anniversary of the Gettysburg Address, I will be presenting highlights of Daniel Chester French’s statue at the Lincoln Memorial on Wednesday.  However, as a prelude I’ve organized a virtual mini-gallery […]

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