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Arts Everyday Living: Impressionists This Winter—Sisley’s Enchanted Path

Click on the painting to enlarge it.   Would you like to follow the figure down the path into an enchanted realm?  Entering another dimension where time has stopped, indefinitely suspended.  And silence reigns except when the snow drifts down from the branches, gently disappearing as it touches the white covered ground. French Impressionist Alfred […]

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Arts Everyday Living: Monet and the Art of Meditation-The Spirit of the Water Lilies

Click on the paintings to ENLARGE them.      Meditation: to engage in thought or contemplation; to reflect* This upcoming week I’ll be presenting with artist, dancer, and multi-arts specialist  W. Elisabeth Larson, Creative Art Journeys, a series of four multi-arts programs in Arlington, Virginia enabling participants to use visual art, music, experiential learning and […]

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Fantin Latour

Arts Everyday Living: Morisot and Manet—The Enigma of Manet

Click on the works of art to enlarge or enhance them.      I have never seen such an expressive face as his…..                                                                                    Berthe Morisot Why did Berthe Morisot, who was the subject of 11 portraits by Edouard Manet, never reciprocate with at least one canvas of her fellow artist? However, other colleagues and […]

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Arts Everyday Living: The Phillips Collection---One Man's Vision

Arts Everyday Living: The Phillips Collection—One Man’s Vision

Click on the painting to enlarge it. THE PHILLIPS COLLECTION Washington, D.C.   FAST FACTS Founded in 1921 by art collector and art historian Duncan Phillips (1886-1966) as memorial to his recently deceased father and brother; envisioned by Phillips as a “small intimate museum” reflecting modernism in art; still housed in original family home, Georgian […]

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