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Arts Everyday Living: The Immortality of Women–Portraits of Italian Renaissance Rulers

  Italian artists Titian (1488/1490-1576) and Agnolo Bronzino (1503-1572) were prolific portraitists, both of them favored by the powerful dynasties of the Italian Renaissance. For instance, Bronzino was the court painter of the Medici family, leaders of Florence for centuries. One of his most striking subjects was Eleanor of Toledo (1522-1562), the consort of Cosimo de’Medici, […]

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Evelyn_Farquhar_by_John_Lavery (1)

Arts Everyday Living: The Art of British High Society–Portraits of Romance and Elegance

  Irish artist Sir John Lavery (1856-1941) was a celebrated society portraitist, immortalizing sitters such as the elegant and unforgettable Evelyn Farquhar below.  However, his favorite model was his second wife Hazel Martyn (1887-1935), who also was a painter, depicted in the dramatic The Red Rose above, considered one of his most popular works of art.  

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Foråret_og_den_gamle (1)

Arts Everyday Living: Through the Eyes of Scandinavian Master-A Comparison to Andrew Wyeth

  Danish master L.A. Ring (1854-1933) is considered one of his country’s leading artistic figures, renowned for his remarkable realism.  Included among his subjects was his wife Sigrid Kahler, who is portrayed both pregnant, surrounded by the fertility of spring, and in a reflective mood with her husband’s paintings in the background.  While in his […]

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