Arts Everyday Living: Norton Simon Museum—A Place for Creativity and Freedom


Pasadena, California

Camille Corot, The Cicada, c. 1865-1875, oil on canvas, Norton Simon Museum, Pasadena, CA



The Norton Simon Museum is an internationally famous collection, renowned for its high quality; building constructed in 1969, originally Pasadena Art Museum that was incorporated into Norton Simon’s personal collection in 1974 and named after him; major interior renovation by Frank Gehry.

Simon, a successful businessman, spent over 30 years accumulating his collection; initially drawn to the Impressionists and Post-Impressionists, next Old Masters and Modern artists, then finally Asian art.

The garden surrounding the museum building inspired by Monet’s grounds at Giverny includes Autumn Border Walk, Moon Garden, and Angel’s Trumpet Walk.

“I am not essentially a religious person, but my feeling about a museum is that it can serve as a substitute for a house of worship.  It is a place to respect man’s creativity and to sense a continuity with the past.  It is a place to give us a feeling of the dignity of man and to help us to strive towards our own creativity and freedom.” Norton Simon

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