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Gauguin, Sunflowers Puvis de Chavannes

Van Gogh’s Sunflowers: The Haunting of Gauguin

The following blog was first published in April, 2011. Sunflowers?  By Gauguin?  Sunflowers are famously associated with Van Gogh.  However, Vincent’s friend, colleague, and sometimes nemesis, Paul Gauguin, created his own interpretations of the golden floral symbol of southern France where Van Gogh and Gauguin once resided together. Except that Gauguin painted his sunflowers in […]

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Morisot photo Morisot


It’s the birthday again of Berthe Morisot and I’d like prepare you for its celebration tomorrow by my annual revival of this earlier blog.  You might also wish to google my latest 2012 blogs on Morisot and Manet with another look at their relationship.   January is the birth month of quite a spectrum of […]

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Van Gogh, The Yellow House, 1888

Van Gogh’s Neighborhood: On the Street Where He Lived

Van Gogh is probably the most personal of artists.  He captures aspects of his life as intimate as his worn-out shoes to his favorite chair to the view from his studio.  Vincent also depicts the surrounding environment wherever he resided, whether the streets of Paris or the garden behind his father’s parsonage. What better artist, […]

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The Art of Living Creatively on a Budget!

Welcome to the first installment of ArtsEverydayLiving. I’m Joan Hart, author of Through An Artist’s Eyes: Learning to Living Creatively and every month you’ll discover new ways to incorporate the arts into your life. (P.S. See more about us on So join us! THE ART OF LIVING CREATIVELY ON A BUDGET! It can’t be […]

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