Arts Everyday Living: Goya---A Love Affair with Women

Arts Everyday Living: Goya—A Love Affair with Women

  “Women pervade Goya’s work.  He was fascinated, obsessed with them and recorded all their aspects, actual and mythic, typified and individual…”* Robert Hughes     *Quote about Goya (1746-1828) by Robert Hughes found in his May 27, 2002 Time article, “Art: Goya’s Women.” The above image is used solely for educational purposes. To explore […]

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Arts Everyday Living: Redon---Dreaming of Flowers

Arts Everyday Living: Redon—Dreaming of Flowers

  “I have always felt the need to capture nature in small objects, particularly the casual and accidental.”*  Odilon Redon And what flower is more modest than the delicate pansy that Redon depicts with his vibrant colors.       *Quote of Odilon Redon (1840-1916) from National Gallery of Art, Washington: New and Revised Edition […]

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Arts Everyday Living: Mary Cassatt—A Homage to Her Mother

Click on the paintings to enhance them. Mary Cassatt’s portrayals of the relationship between mother and child are unrivaled.   However, the artist has also left to posterity portraits of her own mother, Katherine Kelso Johnston Cassatt who provided both support and inspiration for her talented daughter.  For according to Louisine Havemeyer, a close friend of […]

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