Arts Everyday Living: Women Impressionist Artists—Berthe Morisot, Before An Evening Out

Berthe Morisot, Woman at Her Toilette, 1870-1880, oil on canvas, Stickney Fund. Art Institute of Chicago, Illinois

Title: Woman at Her Toilette, 1870-1880

Artist: Berthe Morisot (1841-1895)

French Impressionist Berthe Morisot transforms the act of a Woman at Her Toilette into a fantastic display of color, dominated by white and an overall palette of soft pastel. Except for the deep black of the subject’s neck band, so central to the composition. Note too the rich brown texture of her hair and the tiny earring sparkling in the light almost secondary to the swirling maze of brushwork . Other details emerge as well, including the delicately sketched flowers on the nearby table next to the brown border of the tall mirror. Do you see any reflections?






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