Arts Everyday Living: Winter into Summer—A Old Tree by a Lake, A Rose Bush in a Garden

Johan Thomas Lundbye, Bank by Arreso, oil on canvas, n.d., collection unknown


Are you tired of winter already?  Yet, the lake view above by Danish painter Johan Thomas Lundbye (1818-1848) is almost inviting, on a bright sunny day.  Can you even imagine yourself sitting on the wooden bench?  Or perhaps the empty chair next to Marie Kroyer, the artist wife of Danish master Peder Severin Kroyer (1851-1909) is preferable in Roses below. Kroyer, a generation younger than his fellow countryman Lundbye, was influenced in this depiction of a summer interlude by the Impressionist movement then spreading throughout Europe.


Peder Severin Kroyer, Roses, 1893, oil on canvas, Skagens Museum, Skagen, Denmark

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