Arts Everyday Living: A Winter Getaway—Winslow Homer Goes to the Bahamas







Like to spend a pleasant day in the gentle climate of the Bahamas courtesy of Winslow Homer? A Garden in Nassau is one of some 30 watercolors done by the artist on his first trip, in December, 1884, to this still popular vacation spot. He spent the next few months in the capital city of the island chain, a welcome escape from the often freezing temperatures of his Prout’s Neck studio, off the coast of Maine.

According to the Art Institute of Chicago that now owns the work above, Homer initially drew three figures, including  two boys sitting on the wall, apparently trying to pick the coconuts hanging just above them. However, in this last version, only the tiniest child remains.

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Winslow Homer (1836-1910), A Garden in Nassau, 1885, watercolor, Art Institute of Chicago, Illinois


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