Arts Everyday Living: Through an Artist’s Eyes—Vermeer & The Art of Contemplation

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Here’s another excerpt from my book, Through an Artist’s Eyes: Learning to Live Creatively.  I’ll be back next week!


Would you like to have Vermeer as an artistic companion and discover The Art of Contemplation?



Johannes Vermeer, Young Woman with a Water Pitcher, c. 1662, oil on canvas, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City



Young Woman with a Water Pitcher


Have you ever been in the perfect room? An interior of clarity is illuminated with the morning light that enters at the mere opening of a latch—an ordinary gesture of a woman centuries ago, yet so profound she seems to pause in meditation, contemplating her act.  The painting shows that moment of transformation, when color emerges in tones warm or cool, brilliant or subdued, with variations of red, yellow, and blue. Textures and surfaces, too, are soft, hard, transparent or metallic,  painted to be touched.  Vermeer’s brush has expertly defined a display of objects, from the opulence of the oriental table cloth to the glistening pitcher, the rumpled drapery to the uneven plane of the wall.  Everything, whether splendid or mundane, is worthy of an artist’s eyes.

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