Arts Everyday Living: Through the Eyes of a Florentine Artist-Women in the Arts, Poetry & Music

Silvestro Lega, Maria Virgina Fabroni, 1870, oil on canvas, location not known


Florence, Italy is best known as the epicenter of the Italian Renaissance.   However, the artistic creativity of the city has continued throughout the centuries.  Silvestro Lega (1826-1895), for example, made Florence his home in the nineteenth century and established a reputation for his realistic style, evident in the memorable portrait of poet Maria Virginia Fabroni above and his portrayal of three women engaged in singing.


Silvestro Lega, Song of a Starling, 1868, oil on canvas, Galleria d’arte moderna di Firenze, Florence, Italy

Silvestro Lega, Self Portrait, 1861, oil on canvas, Uffizi Gallery, Florence, Italy

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