Arts Everyday Living: The Art of Winter–A Love of Skating, Fun for All Generations

George Bellows, Love of Winter, 1914, oil on canvas, Friends of American Art, Foundation,  Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois


Title: Love of Winter, 1914

Artist: George Bellows (1882-1925)


In Love of Winter, it is 1914, just about a century ago, when women, as we see in the foreground, still wear long dresses and coats with the mandatory hat. Yet, are they unafraid to brave the slick surface of the local pond or lake, guiding their children across the recently fallen snow to join the crowd below? Or might they be just as  content to watch the energetic movement of the skaters, both in groups or solo, already on the ice?

Although the career of George Bellows was short (dying at the age of 42), he produced a variety of subjects and themes: from New York urban street scenes to seascapes of Maine and California.




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