Arts Everyday Living: The Art of Self-Portraits—A Lover of Sunflowers & A World War II Soldier

Nina Arbore, Sunflowers, 1933, oil on canvas, Museum of Art Collections, Bucharest, Romania?


Nina Arbore, Self Portrait, 1937, oil on canvas, Bucharest City Museum, Romania


I am always fascinated by self portraits, a centuries old tradition in art, dating back to the Middle Ages.  Here are two examples by twentieth century artists: Romanian Nina Arbore (1889-1947), who is esteemed particularly for still-lifes, including the vibrant interpretation of sunflowers seen above; and Brit Rex Whistler (1905-1944), renowned for his portraits of subjects like his muse Lady Caroline Paget.  Whistler’s career was ended prematurely, when he was killed during World War II.



Rex Whistler, Lady Caroline Paget, 1930s, oil on canvas, Private Collection


Rex Whistler, Self Portrait, 1934, oil on canvas, National Portrait Gallery, London, UK

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