Arts Everyday Living: Start the New Year Through an Artist’s Eyes: The Journey to Art

Happy New Year!  How would you like to start 2023 in a new, creative way?

Every Wednesday and Saturday, we will be posting an installment of our book, Through an Artist’s Eyes: Learning to Live Creatively offering you a pathway to art and the vision of the artist. Enabling you to develop your own inner creativity and apply it to the personal cycle of everyday living!




What To Take On Your Journey, Part 1

We all have taken a trip, ranging from short ones down to the local store, or longer ones from one country to the other or even farther from one continent to another. The longer ones, of course, require much greater preparation including packing. What shall we take? What clothes and toiletries will be most appropriate? How much money will be necessary? We wouldn’t want to be stranded someplace far from what we considered home.

Yet compared to our ancestors, who experienced days, months, and sometimes years of moving toward their final destinations, our trips are relatively short and safe. Even if we are venturing out for what we consider an adventure, to some new and exotic locale, whether for business or pleasure, we are usually secure that we will return as the same person, changed perhaps by different sights and experiences but not altered dramatically.

But the journey to art requires a transformation that focuses on you. Not on externals, like your physical appearance, how much you earn, the state of your health, or even your chronological age, whether it is sixteen, sixty, or eighty five. It is the inner self—the person that only you truly know—who must transform.  Not the image that is projected to your family, your friends, your co-workers or people in general—the facade developed possibly from your first moments of consciousness.

So preparation will be solely up to you—no interferences or judgments from anyone else. It will be your ideas, emotions, memories, aspirations, and beliefs that you will be bringing. Don’t be concerned, though, about organizing or pinpointing, computerizing or tallying—just be yourself—it will be easier than you might expect.




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