Arts Everyday Living: A Summer Art Escape—Joaquin Sorolla, A Day at the Beach in Spain

I’m reposting this blog.  Sorolla is gaining in popularity; I’m discovering more people are familiar with his name and works of art.


Want to take a mini-vacation this week—at least through an artist’s eyes?

I’ve been inspired to embark on my visual getaway by the discovery of the works of Joaquin Sorolla (1863-1923), a Spanish contemporary of the Impressionists, who must have spent hours painting on the beaches of his native city of Valencia and other European ports.

My favorite Sorolla is the sun-filled Strolling Along the Seashore with its unique perspective, bringing the viewer almost level with the two elegantly clad walkers. They pause in mid-step before us, both buffeted by the ocean wind. Yet, do you notice the difference in their reactions?  For while the woman on our left struggles to preserve her modesty behind the veil of her hat, her companion stands, bareheaded, openly defying the elements.


Joaquin Sorolla, Strolling Along the Seashore, 1909, oil on canvas, Museo Sorolla, Madrid, Spain












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