Arts Everyday Living: Redon and the Flowers of Light

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Redon once described flowers as “fragile scented beings, admirable prodigies of light.”* 

So which arrangement would you choose?

Would it be the earthy geraniums,


Odilon Redon, The Pot of Geraniums, c. 1910, oil, Private Collection



or perhaps a softer, more ephemeral bouquet,


Odilon Redon, Vase de Fleurs, c. 1912-1914, pastel on red paper, Albright-Knox Gallery, Buffalo, NY



or why not some wildflowers from paradise?


Odilon Redon, Wildflowers in a Long-necked Vase, around 1912, pastel, Musee D'Orsay, Paris


*The quote of Redon (1840-1916) is from Odilon Redon by Richard Hobbs, New York Graphic Society, Boston, 1977.

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