Arts Everyday Living: Moreau, Matisse’s Teacher & the Haunting of an Emperor

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I believe neither in what I touch or what I see.  I only believe in what I do not see, and solely in what I feel.

Gustave Moreau

Gustave Moreau, The Dream Haunting the Mogul, c. 1881, oil on canvas, Private Collection

French Symbolist artist Gustave Moreau (1826-1898) may not have the name recognition of his student Henri Matisse today, but he does have a major art museum in Paris dedicated to thousands of his paintings, watercolors, and drawings with titles like The ApparitionAngel Traveler, and Salome.  However, the hypnotic Dream Haunting the Mogul is still privately owned, reflecting how tales of the faraway Orient stirred Moreau’s rich imagination.

In The Toilette, Moreau creates another dream-like image, again using rich colors and intricate patterns.

Gustave Moreau, The Toilette, c. 1885-1890, gouache and watercolor, Bridgestone Museum of Art, Tokyo, Japan.

To learn more, google, Musee Gustave Moreau

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