Arts Everyday Living: Claude Monet—Memories of his Father on a Summer Day

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Claude Monet’s father Adolphe, the distinguished gentleman in the panama hat in both paintings below, would most likely be surprised that his son has become one of the world’s most beloved artists.  Although he initially supported young Claude in his study of art in Paris, he later withdrew financial aid.

Monet’s pere seems relaxed in Adolphe Monet Reading in the Garden and Garden at SainteAdresse done in 1867, at the family home in the suburb of Le Havre. However, the atmosphere must have been tense since Claude’s mistress and future wife Camille, of whom Adolphe disapproved, was expecting a child.

But does it really matter?  For the beauty of a summer day surpasses any human conflict.

Claude Monet, Adolphe Monet Reading in the Garden,

Claude Monet, Adolphe Monet Reading in the Garden, 1867, oil on canvas, Private Collection




Claude Monet. Garden at Saint-Adresse, 1867, oil on canvas, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York






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