Arts Everyday Living: Lost Worlds & Ancient Portraits Through the Ages—The Beautiful Mummy

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Is she truly from the 3rd century?  A citizen of Roman Egypt, some 1800 years old, her timeless beauty lost for centuries in an ancient tomb. Now in the Louvre’s collection, her mummy portrait* is accessible via digital technology in an online museum tour.  For she may not have the fame of a Julius Caesar, but those soulful eyes will outlast the memory of his Imperial power.



Anonymous artist, Portrait of a Young Woman, c. 3rd century, A.D., panel or board, Louvre, Paris


*The portrait, painted on a wood or board panel, was once attached to the deceased’s mummy. Her nickname is L’Europeenne (or The European). Note; the emerald brooch in the center.

public domain In the public domain in the United States.


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