Arts Everyday Living: Angels in Art This Week—Leonardo’s Mona Lisa of Angels

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The eye encompasses the beauty of the whole world.

Leonardo da Vinci



Is she the Mona Lisa of angels?  Enchanting us with her expressive eyes and subtle smile? Yet, Head of a Young Woman (Study for the Angel in the “Virgin of the Rocks”) predates Leonardo’s acclaimed portrait by some twenty years. A magical drawing composed of primarily line and shading which Leonardo probably finished in a few hours while he labored over the Mona Lisa for several years.

And now Leonardo’s angel is debuting in New York at the Morgan Library and Museum. Click below for more details.

Treasures from the Biblioteca Reale, Turin


Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519), Head of a Young Woman (Study for the Angel in the “Virgin of the Rocks”), 1480s, metalpoint heightened with white on buff prepared paper, Biblioteca Reale, Turin.

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