Arts Everyday Living: More Animals in Art—A Portrait of the Royal Monkeys?

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In the wild, Brazilian marmosets live in small family groups of 3-15 individuals.  Their day is spent socializing, and finding and feeding on gum, insects, lizards, snails, fruit, flowers, and nectar while staying alert to danger. 

Marmosets need extra care.  They should not be kept as pets.


Primate Society of Great Britain*




Sir Edwin Landseer, Brazilian Marmosets, 1842, oil on canvas, Buckingham Palace, Royal Collection, UK



I couldn’t resist featuring a work of art by Sir Edwin Landseer (1802-1873).  I’m assuming his painting Brazilian Marmosets once belonged to Queen Victoria, Landseer’s avid patron, since it is presently in the collection of Buckingham Palace. But did the monarch own the monkey pair so beautifully recreated by the artist?  Today, though, the British Society of Primates would prefer the marmosets to live in their natural habitat.


*Information on the Brazilian marmoset is from the website of the University of Stirling.


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