Arts Everyday Living: Dreams and Reflections Week—The Art of the Pause



Green, Black, Moyune, Formosa,

Congou, Amboy, Pingsuey—

No odds the name it knows—ah!

Fill a cup of it for me!

And, as I clink my china

Against your goblet’s brim,

My tea in steam shall twine a

Fragrant laurel round its rim.

                                                    James Whitcomb Riley





How many cups of tea or coffee do you consume each day?  Yet, do you really find the time to pause and reflect as you drink? American poet James Whitcomb Riley (1849-1916) and French artist Andre Derain (1880-1954) both remind us how we can enrich our daily lives wherever we are—at home or in pubic, alone or with friends.  So slow down and take a sip (no gulping!).


Andre Derain, The Cup of Tea, 1935, oil on canvas, Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris.


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