Arts Everyday Living: Down the Pathway of Art—Walks through Autumn Splendor, Spring Rain

Michal Gorstkin-Wywiorski, Park in Autumn, c. 1900, oil on canvas, National Museum in Warsaw, Poland


The glory of autumn color often passes quickly, immortalized above by Polish artist Michal Gorstkin-Wywiorski (1861-1926). While in the landscape below by American master Theodore Clement Steele (1847-1926), the trees are now bare, reflecting the change of seasons, perhaps the coming of spring. In both works of art, though, our eye is drawn down a pathway, following the progress of the women, one with an umbrella, the other with what looks like her dog.


Theodore Clement Steele, Meridian Street, Thawing Weather, 1887, oil on canvas, Private Collection?

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