Arts Everyday Living: This Week at the Museum—The Dog Aristocracy, Greyhound & Borzoi

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The fleet and powerful Borzoi originated in Russia and was used by the Russian aristocracy to pursue and catch wolf, fox, and hare….The Borzoi is one of the largest sighthounds averaging 28″ to 32″ at the shoulder, and a big male can weigh over a 100 pounds….This graceful beauty has made them a favorite in art, fashion and advertising through the years.

The Westminster Kennel Club


Hashimoto Kansetsu, Dogs from Europe, 1941, color on silk, screens, Adachi Museum, Yasugi, Shimane, Japan

The Greyhound is a swift and ancient coursing breed from the time of Cleopatra….Built for speed, the Greyhound is powerful, symmetrical, balanced and keen.  Greyhounds adore human companionship, and indeed are happiest engaged in play and running……

The Westminster Kennel Club


Dogs from Europe, Hashimoto Kansetsu, 1941, color on silk, screen, Adachi Museum, Yasugi, Shimane, Japan


Dogs from Europe, Complete Work

Japanese artist Hashimoto Kansetsu (1883-1945) demonstrated a unique understanding and even compassion for animals, whether domesticated or living in the wild.  However, Dogs in Europe, represents one of his masterpieces; a two paneled screen that suffered damage during World War II, it now belongs to the Adachi Museum, along with a sizable collection of Kansetsu’s moving representations of the non-human world, from monkeys to foxes to horses.

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