Arts Everyday Living: Celebrating the Holidays in Art–The Annunciation, Lilies of the Field

George Hitchcock, The Annunciation, 1887, oil on canvas, Potter Palmer Collection, Art Institute of Chicago, Illinois

Title: The Annunciation, 1887

Artist: George Hitchcock (1850-1913)

Who is she, this otherworldly maiden pausing before a field overflowing with lilies, rising tall and elegant before her?  Isn’t it the Virgin Mary, a solitary figure contemplating the bounty of nature in what seems the half light of dawn, or is it actually twilight or just a sunless day?  Yet  is Mary truly alone? For although Gabriel is not visible in this interpretation of The Annunciation by American artist George Hitchcock, the angel’s presence is symbolized by the purity of the flower that he always carries to signal the coming birth of Jesus.


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