Arts Everyday Living: Through the Eyes of A Russian Artist–Colors, Colors, and More Colors

Boris Kustodiev, Finland Flowers, 1917, oil, location unknown

In a previous blog, I spotlighted the floral work of Russian artist Boris Kustodiev (1878-1927) above. Have you ever seen such striking purples and lavenders in a bouquet of flowers?  The arrangement, too, is overflowing with vitality and energy, barely contained by its vase.

Kustodiev, who was an active painter, stage designer, and book illustrator in St. Petersburg, became a paraplegic in 1916 after contracting tuberculosis.  Now my whole room is my world,” he wrote.  Yet Kustodiev continued producing vibrant works of art like Finland Flowers above for a decade more, in spite of personal illness and the instability of his country.

However, some seven year earlier, Kustodiev created the moving and richly colored portrait below.  Yet, little information is available about these two paintings, including their current location.

Boris Kustodiev, Portrait of R. I. Notgaft, 1909, oil, location unknown.








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