Arts Everyday Living: Best Friends & Companion–Art of the Cat, Ruler of the Domestic Universe

Theophile-Alexandre Steinlen, Winter: Cat on a Cushion, 1909, Lithograph in six colors on ivory woven paper, The Charles Deering Collection, Art Institute of Chicago, Illinois

Title: Winter–Cat on a Cushion, 1909

Artist: Theophile-Alexandre Steinlen (1859-1923)

His (or her) majesty the cat–ruler of the domestic universe. In French, le chat, Spanish, el gato, German, die Katze and multiple languages throughout the world. An indoor tiger with penetrating eyes, posing lazily on a rose-colored cushion–disturb him if you dare.

For its winter, when every feline should be safe from the elements, particularly frigid temperatures and falling snow. Content to nap, during the passing hours of the day, an occasional stretching the only form of exercise. However, night may have an opposite effect, acting as a stimulus for nocturnal activities–the urge to play or prowl, solitary or with a companion, oblivious to his surroundings or time.

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