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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Edouard Manet, Laundry, 1875, oil on canvas, Barnes Foundation



Superb collection of Post-Impressionist and Early Modern Art, plus African sculpture, American Art, and Old Masters, among other areas of concentration.  This personal vision of Dr. Albert C. Barnes (1872-1951) opened in 1925 in Merion, Pennsylvania, a suburb of Philadelphia.  Original building designed by Paul Philippe Cret; collection moved in 2012 (not without controversy) to downtown Philadelphia into contemporary structure created by architects Tod Williams and Billie Tsien.

Established as foundation by Dr. Barnes, with goal of promoting education and art appreciation based on his philosophy; author of The Art in Painting, The Art of Renoir, and Cezanne available through the museum.  Currently, a variety of workshops and courses (both credit and non-credit)  are given through the Art and Aesthetics program. In addition, horticulture educational opportunities are offered at the Barnes Arboretum on the Merion campus.

Ongoing special exhibitions include upcoming The World of the Apple: The Still Lifes of Paul Cezanne. Also in-depth online access to the Barnes’ numerous works available on the website. Resources of art library, horticultural library, and archives are located at the Philadelphia site.

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