Arts Everyday Living: Edvard Munch—A Walk in the Moonlight

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Have you walked along that shoreline of Asgardstrand, and listened to the sea?  Have you noticed how the evening light dissolves into night? I know of no place on earth that has such beautiful lingering twilight…to walk about the village is like walking through my own pictures.*

Edvard Munch





Edvard Munch, Moonlight, 1895, oil on canvas,  National Gallery, Oslo, Norway



Edvard Munch (1863-1944) spent many summers of his adult life at Asgardstrand, a town some 60 miles from Oslo.  Here, he haunted  the woods and coastline of the Norwegian fjords, throughout the endless hours of the Nordic twilight. The moon, too, was a constant presence in the landscape, lighting the background of Munch’s portrayals of lovers in The Voice and The Dance of Life.  But in Moonlight above, all signs of humanity have disappeared and we, the viewers, are alone in a world of lunar splendor.

To experience The Voice, The Dance of Life, and other major works by Munch, click:

National Gallery, Oslo


*Quote of Edvard Munch is from Edvard Munch by Sue Prideaux, Yale University Press, New Haven, 2005.


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