Arts Everyday Living: Artist of the Rich, Famous & the Talented–Artist’s Model, Patron of Picasso

Jacques-Emile Blanche, Donna Olga Caracciolo dei Duchi di Castelluccio, 1889, oil, Private Collection


French artist Jacques-Emile Blanche (1861-1942) was a popular portraitist of the rich, famous, and above all, the talented, from John Singer Sargent to Edgar Degas to James Joyce. The subject above was just 18 when the portrait was completed. Although Olga was officially born to an Italian nobleman, her real father might have been King Edward VII.  She became an artist’s model and eventually married gifted photographer Adolph de Meyer. The sitter below was a Chilean patroness of the arts, renowned for her support for innovative artists like Pablo Picasso, among others.



Jacques-Emile Blanche, Eugenia Huici Arguedas de Errazuriz, 1890, Dixon Gallery and Gardens, Memphis, Tennessee

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