Arts Everyday Living: Art of Music and Painting–Women Pianists, An Artist’s Wife & A Composer



George Bellows, Emma at the Piano, 1914, oil on panel, Chrysler Museum of Art, Norfolk, Virginia


Music and painting have often enhanced each other.  In this case, the instrument is the piano and the players are known.  One of them is Emma, shown above, the wife of American George Bellows (1882-1925) who worked mainly in New York City at the turn of the twentieth century.

Sophie Menter (1846-1918) below, in a rather intriguing pose, was an internationally celebrated German pianist and composer, considered Franz Lizst’s favorite student. Russian Ilya Repin (1844-1930) who has immortalized Menter for us, was esteemed as the leading artist of nineteenth century Russia, creating an extensive body of portraits including subjects such as Czar Nicholas II.


Ilya Repin, Portrait of Pianist and Professor of Saint Peter Conservatory, Sophie Menter, 1887, oil on canvas, Tretyakov Museum, Moscow, Russia










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