Arts Everyday Living: Art and Music Week, Part 2—Chopin & Delacroix, Soul Brothers

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…Every now and then there blows in through my window, opening on to the garden, a breath of the music of Chopin, who is at work in his room, and it mingles with the song of the nightingales and the scent of the roses…..*

Eugene Delacroix, letter, 1842

Eugene Delacroix, Frederic Chopin, 1838, oil on canvas, The Louvre, Paris



During the summer of 1842, two masters of Romantic art, Eugene Delacroix (1798-1863) and Frederic Chopin (1810?-1849) spent hours together in the idyllic atmosphere of Nohant, the country home of the latter’s mistress, novelist George Sand. According to Delacroix, he had endless conversations with the frail musician, developing a deep fondness for him as a person and artist, considering Chopin one of the very few whom one can admire and value. 

Four years earlier, Chopin had sat for Delacroix, perhaps at the piano—the source of the composer’s stunning succession of scherzos, nocturnes, waltzes, etudes, and polonaises.  Does he appear older than 28?  Is the illness that would extinguish Chopin’s life prematurely already aging his face?  Delacroix, above all, has penetrated his friend’s soul, intuitively revealing the creative powers that only another artistic spirit can understand.


*Excerpt and quotes (in bold print) from Delacroix’s letter found in Chopin by Arthur Hedley, Collier Books, New York, NY, 1962.


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