Arts Everyday Living: Art and Music Week—The Angel Musician from Renaissance Florence

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I Heard an Angel

I heard an angel singing

When the day was springing,

Mercy, Pity, Peace

Is the world’s release.”

William Blake*




Rosso Fiorentino, Musical Angel, c. 1522, tempera  on wood?, Uffizi Gallery, Florence, Italy



Is Musical Angel a celestial being or does he resemble more an adorable child with wings? Actually he is a putto, a word for boy in Latin, who combines the human with the divine.  He and his tiny brothers are popular players in Renaissance and Baroque art, usually occupying  a heavenly realm, far above the earth.  However, Florentine artist Rosso Fiorentino (1494-1540) has decided to allow us access to a putto up close, as he concentrates on performing his lute serenade.

Excerpt from I Heard An Angel by English painter and poet William Blake (1757-1827).


The above image and poem are used solely for educational purposes.


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