Arts Everyday Living: Visions of Autumn This Week—The Awakening Valley

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Jasper Francis Cropsey, Starrucca Viaduct, Pennsylvania, 1865, oil on canvas, Toledo Museum of Art, Toledo, Ohio




An autumn valley opens out before us, surrounding us on all sides with its awakening beauty.  For the leaves are just starting to turn, from summer green to warm yellow and red—gently covering the mountain foothills as well as riverbanks in the brightening light.

This is a place to rest and reflect like the two hikers in the foreground.  Joined, too, in this special moment by their loyal dogs who patiently wait for their masters to resume their walk.

During the last century, generations of American painters were inspired by scenic panoramas similar to Starrucca Viaduct, Pennsylvania by Jasper F. Cropsey.  They traveled throughout the vastness of the United States drawn by the country’s natural wonders.  In many cases, their powerful landscapes of America would be the catalyst for establishing the nation’s present system of state and national parks.*


Description from American Faces, American Places by Joan Hart, published by Museum One, Inc., Alexandria, Virginia, 1997.


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