Arts Everyday Living: A Perfect Day with Monet!

We are still waiting on some new works of art to post on our blog.  In the meantime, here is a an excerpt from our book, Through an Artist’s Eyes: Learning to Live Creatively: a description of Meadow with Poplars by Monet (which is on its cover).

It’s a perfect day for a walk! The sky is radiant blue, full of soft, billowing clouds, blown by a refreshing breeze, while far below wildflowers sway in a spacious meadow of sun-filled grass. Yet, the poplar trees still dominate this vision, towering above, free to reach any height. Only moments before, they offered green shade and protection to the lone figure who has now ventured out into the summer light.  A man? A woman? Perhaps a child?

Or does it truly matter? For he or she represents all of us in our vital journey into the realm of nature and art. Meadow with Poplars was created by Monet at the peak of the Impressionist movement when he was living in suburban Argenteuil, just a short train ride from Paris. Located on the Seine and accessible to the nearby countryside, this French town inspired numerous paintings, from sparkling riverscapes to lush gardens to verdant fields.