Arts Everyday Living: A Week at the Museum—Australian, American Impressionists in France & Italy



It’s winter “down under” and the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne is now offering a guaranteed escape from the weather with AUSTRALIAN IMPRESSIONISTS IN FRANCE that just opened on June 15.  You can access a few of the 120 works of art displayed in the exhibition on the museum’s website, including the intriguing Peonies and Head of a Woman by John Peter Russell (1858-1930).



John Russell

John Russell, Peonies and Head of a Woman, c. 1887, oil on canvas, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia



Russell, who is sometimes referred to as “the lost Impressionist,” is best known for his portrayal of Van Gogh who was a friend.  He also painted with Monet on the island of Belle Ile, off the coast of France where the Australian lived with his Italian wife and large family for several years. Matisse even thought of Russell as his teacher and credited him with explaining color to me.*   Rodin, too, admired Russell, once writing to his colleague that one day you will be placed on the same level as our friends Monet, Renoir, and Van Gogh.**

Here’s the link to the exhibition:

Australian Impressionists in France


However, France was not the only country that attracted Impressionists—at least those followers from the United States.  Last year’s AMERICANS IN FLORENCE: SARGENT AND THE AMERICAN IMPRESSIONISTS may no longer be at the Palazzo Strozzi in Italy’s birthplace of the Renaissance, but you can still view it online.



John Singer Sargent

John Singer Sargent, At Torre Galli: Ladies in a Garden, 1910, oil on canvas, Royal Academy of Arts, London, UK



You’ll be able to virtually tour the exhibition’s galleries with titles such as Room with a View, Americans in Florence and The Image of Florence and Tuscany. John Singer Sargent’s idyllic vision of a villa, At Torre Galli: Ladies in a Garden above, is just one of the numerous works featured, along with paintings by Mary Cassatt, William Merritt Chase, Childe Hassam, and a long list of other American artists.

Just click on the link:

Americans in Florence: Sargent and the American Impressionists


*Quote of Henri Matisse is from The Unknown Matisse by Hilary Spurling.

**Quote of Auguste Rodin is from The Art of John Peter Russell, Woman’s Weekly, 5/3/1967.


For a look at another Australian Impressionist, click:

The Australian Monet


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