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Hans Olde, Winter in Seekamp, 1895, oil on canvas, Museumberg Flensburg, Germany

Arts Everyday Living: Through an Impressionist’s Eyes—Day After the Winter Storm

THROUGH AN IMPRESSIONIST’S EYES DAY AFTER THE WINTER STORM   When it snows, shovel or make snow angels. Author Unknown When Hans Olde (1855-1917) was studying painting in Paris in the late nineteenth century, he soon became an enthusiastic follower of the Impressionist style; when he returned to his native Germany, he continued his career […]

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Arts Everyday Living: Christmas at the Art Museum–Monet, A Walk in the Snow

Click on the works of art to enlarge or enhance them.      CHRISTMAS AT THE ART MUSEUM, PART III  MONET: A WALK IN THE SNOW  Finally the snow is here, real snow, that we haven’t seen for many years. French newspaper, December 19, 1874 Claude Monet (1840-1926)  was the champion of snowscapes among his fellow Impressionists, outperforming […]

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Arts Everyday Living: Impressionists This Winter—Sisley’s Enchanted Path

Click on the painting to enlarge it.   Would you like to follow the figure down the path into an enchanted realm?  Entering another dimension where time has stopped, indefinitely suspended.  And silence reigns except when the snow drifts down from the branches, gently disappearing as it touches the white covered ground. French Impressionist Alfred […]

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