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Arts Everyday Living: Lost Loves in Art—Peter Paul & Isabella Rubens, A Bride and Groom

Click on the work of art to enlarge or enhance it.       LOST LOVES IN ART A BRIDE AND GROOM     The Woodbine or the Honeysuckle represents True Love or Steadfastness of Affection. Graham’s American Monthly Magazine, 1813   Self-portraits by artists are common, but portrayals like Rubens and Isabella Brant, the Honeysuckle Bower are rare […]

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Arts Everyday Living: Thinking of Downton Abbey— Meet The Most Beautiful Member of Parliament

        Lord Grantham of Downton Abbey has little tolerance for women’s suffrage, behaving with disdain when his middle daughter Edith expresses her interest in the issue during an episode of the third series. So how would he have reacted to the first female Member of Parliament, expatriate American Nancy Astor?  Would she […]

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